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Sep 18 2018 10:14 EST

1 penny can make you rich.. well, not retire but enough to pay your rent or mortgage.

December 25, 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Coins: US,Lincoln Wheat (1909-1958),Small Cents

1 penny can make you rich.. well, not retire but enough to pay your rent or mortgage
Yes, thats correct.

If you invest 1 penny a day , and save it well early in life, then you will have enough to invest but even thats might not inspire many.

Here magic in US pennies..yes thats correct. Please read below

  1. US Pennies before 1982 are made of copper and soon these will get rare as US, not minting copper pennies any more . (yes todays penny is made of zinc+) and as copper will increase in cost, so will be these pennies. Hoarders hoarding these copper pennies but yes, this itself very time consuming, and who has time to sort 1982 and before pennies unless you buy in bulk from eBay. Yes, there are sellers on eBay who are selling these. Buy if thats you like to do..
  2. 2nd option is .. finding gems in horde of pennies. Yes there are some pennies that sell for $5000 or more and if your luck has luck , then you can try your luck to find one in your pocket or check your change, before passing it to homeless..

Check some prices from NGC Weekly Market Report and click link to check prevailing deals at eBay.
If you decide to invest and keep, then let me know .
Also if you have any questions, then catch me  or message me 


Top Performers
11915 S 1C MS 64 Red$2,100.00$3,800.0080.95 %
21924 D 1C MS 65 Red Brown$1,825.00$3,250.0078.08 %
31915 1C MS 66 Brown$325.00$575.0076.92 %
41948 1C MS 66 Red$125.00$220.0076.00 %
51917 1C MS 65 Brown$87.00$150.0072.41 %
30401914 D 5C MS 63$640.00$570.00-10.93 %
30411920 D 50C MS 63$4,410.00$3,900.00-11.56 %
30421941 D 50C MS 64$117.50$100.00-14.89 %
30431935 S 50C MS 63$500.00$425.00-15.00 %
30441924 10C MS 63 Full Bands$150.00$115.00-23.33 %
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