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1899 $5 Silver Certificate Indian Chief worth $2,651.00 on eBay

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1899 $5 Silver “Chief” Fr-271 SUPERB GEM

 Indian Chief Note

History:  The five dollar silver certificate has always been one of the most popular denominations to collect.  There are several different design types, all of which are popular and affordable in circulated condition.  The 1899 $5 silver certificate is especially popular.  It features a portrait of a Native American in full headdress.  There were three different denominations of silver certificates printed in 1899.  The five is the highest denomination and it is also the most expensive of the three types.  The 1899 $5 bill was printed up until the early 1920s.  The issue is far from rare.  However, that does not mean that you can buy this note cheaply.  High grade examples can cost well over $1,000.
Values and Grading:  The value of a chief note is mostly determined by its condition.  Other things like the serial number and signature combination can be important, but those are rarely a factor.  There were eleven different signature combinations used.  The Napier Thompson commands a premium in higher grades.  You also need to be aware of serial numbers.  A serial number under 100 is worth more money than a standard serial number.  If the blue serial number on your note begins with a star symbol then it will also be worth more money than a standard issue note.  Read below to learn more about how grading affects values.
Choice Uncirculated or Better:  There are lots of uncirculated 1899 $5 silver certificates available in today’s market.  High grade chiefs are popular and expensive.  A correctly graded UNC chief should cost you $3,000 or more.  As the condition gets nicer, then the price gets higher as well.
Chief Notes In Truly Perfect Condition Can Be Worth Thousands Of Dollars


This Exact 1899 $5 Silver Certificate Is Worth About $1,500