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Aug 17 2018 16:59 EST

Fake Coins Seller-Please report and let us know so we advise others

May 17, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Education

– Know your bullion dealer.  

– Make certain they have counterfeit proofing measurements in place to assure they never accidentally introduce fake bullion products into their inventories.  

– Make certain your bullion dealer guarantees the authenticity of every product they sell.

The vast majority of bullion products we sell are new, freshly struck products which move through a chain of integrity.  Meaning the bullion is moving from mints and refiners, to us, then to our customers.  

Any secondary bullion products we sell are assayed and verified authentic utilizing multiple noninvasive, proprietary counterfeit-proofing methods to verify the authenticity of evert product we buy and sell.

Please report fake coins sellers/dealers/eBay sellers and we will report them here

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We will update list of fake coins sellers here


List of fake coins selllers updated at;all

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