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Modern Gold Commemoratives

The first US Modern Gold Commemorative was issued in 1984 to commemorate the Olympic Games. These collectible coins restarted the tradition of issuing coins to celebrate anniversaries of historic events, people, and places. In the following years, the US Mint continued to produce and offer an array of new $5 and $10 gold commemoratives. The modern Gold Commemorative issues offer many unique, low mintage, hard to find, and beautiful coins for the collector!

Statue of Liberty Gold Coin
The second Modern Gold Commemorative Coin was issued to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the dedication of the Statue of Liberty. The coins were minted with the specifications of the half eagle gold coin and a denomination of $5. This is the denomination and specifications most commonly used for all following issues. The $5 Gold Statue of Liberty $5 Gold Coin was extremely popular with the public and sold nearly 500,000 coins across all options.

1988-W Olympics Gold CommemorativeOne of the most beautiful designs was used on the commemorative coin to celebrate the 1988 Olympics. This coin features Nike, the goddess of Victory. Her head is adorned with a crown of olive leaves. The reverse of the coin features the Olympic flame. This coin continued the tradition of commemorative issues to honor the Olympic Games. The obverse was designed by Elizabeth Jones and the reverse was designed by Marcel Jovine.

1992-W Christopher Columbus Gold CommemorativeIn 1992 a commemorative was issued to celebrate the discovery of America byChristopher Columbus. This popular coin helped celebrate the 500th Anniversary of this important milestone. The coin features Columbus facing a map of “The New World.” The reverse of the coin shows the Crest of the Admiral of the Ocean Sea. The full commemorative program included a silver dollar, half dollar, and the $5 gold coin.

1997-W Jackie Robinson Gold CommemorativeThe key date of Modern Gold Commemoratives is the 1997-W Jackie Robinson Gold Coin. The uncirculated version of this coin had a scant mintage of only 5,174! This extremely low mintage makes the coin often difficult to locate for collectors looking to assemble the complete series. The proof version of the coin had a higher mintage of 24,072, but also carries a premium price. One of the oddities of modern commemoratives is that coins unpopular when available, can become desirable low mintage coins later on.

2000-W Library of Congress CommemorativeIn 2000, the US Mint issued its first bimetallic coin. The 2000-W Library of Congress $10 Coin was composed of a platinum center surrounded by a golden ring. This stunning coin still holds its place as the only bimetallic US issued coin. The value of the coin has increased greatly since it was first issued. The reason is a combination of higher precious metals prices and a low final mintage for the coin.

In addition to these notable examples, you can explore all of the Modern Gold Commemoratives issued by the US Mint. Each page contains some basic information on the coins, the mintages, and coins for sale.[auction-affiliate tool=”lister”]