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Libertad coins

February 22, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Mexico


Ounce Silver Libertad coin, New Series (Obverse).

Ounce Silver Libertad coin, New Series (Obverse). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Libertad coins are actually Mexican bullion coins made from Gold or Silver. The coins are made from pure .999 grade fine Gold or Silver.

It was the 1940s when the first batch of the Libertad silver coins was produced. Later, a long term discontinuation followed as far as the 1970s. Since 1991, continuing through today, the Mexican Silver Libertad coins have been minted every year, under a limited edition basis. The coins come in a variety of sizes weighing from (1/20) of an ounce up to 5 ounces, made of pure silver. Most of the Mexican Silver Libertad coins produced contain almost 1 ounce of Silver.

Among many other government issued silver bullion coins, the Mexican Silver Libertad coins are always a crowd pleaser as well as profitable for its unique design, .999 grade fine quality silver content and average availability which makes the collectors want it even more. Although, it is a tough job to get the Mexican Silver Libertad coins first hand as the Bank of Mexico had issued a scheme offering only 1,100 uncirculated coins in 2002. Those Silver coins weren’t available to the mass until the 2003 annual edition was issued. Since 2003, only 3,000 uncirculated silver Libertads have been produced as limited editions raising the demand as well as the selling price. Reputed coin selling sites like Apmex, Investment U, Provident Metals etc. feature Mexican Silver Libertad coins round the year, but with limited quantity.

These days, bullion silver coins and bars are one of the most affordable and typical ways to invest through Silver. It’s safe with no sign of the price going down and also easy to make cash as silver spot rates are globally accepted and negotiable. The Mexican Silver Libertad coins carry unique and beautiful designs and exceptional quality with affordability in a wide range of weights from 1/20 of an ounce to a kilo.

The money value of silver Libertad coins depends on the coins silver bullion weight. To determine the price silver bullion traders use the Silver spot rate (per troy oz.) as reference.

The process of Estimating the price is easy and simple. Multiply a Mexican Libertad coins price with the associated multiplier. Multiplier indicates to the number of coins that equivalent to 1 ounce of silver bullion.


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