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Coins minted from 1862 through 1873 all have the date 1862.
The legend reads “Victoria Queen” for coins dated 1862 – 1876.
It reads “Victoria Empress” for coins dated 1877-1901.

The 1/12 Anna was minted through 1901. The Madras mint only made 1862 coins, while the Bombay mint was used through 1889 (Krauss lists an 1890 P/L restrike). Only the Calcutta mint produced coins from 1890 to 1901. There are two obverse types.

Type A – The front of the dress has 4-1/3 panels. The bottom complete panel has one flower at its center.
Type B – The front of the dress has 4 panels. The bottom panel has one flower on the right.

Position of the legend “Victoria Empress” from 1877 (see photos below):
Type A – At lower right, the legend is close to the bust.
Type B – At lower right, the legend is far from the bust.

Reverse – the same reverse design was used for the entire series.

Mint-Mark – The 1882-1887 Calcutta 1/12 anna coins have a tiny incuse “C” mint-mark. See note at the bottom of the Checklist page. This mint-mark is tiny and can be seen on only some coins. Possibly the mint-mark was not applied to all Calcutta coins. However, the Calcutta minted coins can be identified by the Obverse type.

Bust Type “A”

Detail of Bust Type “A”

Bust Type “B”

Detail of Bust Type “B”

Reverse Design

Two Close-ups of tiny incuse “C” mint-mark (?)
on 1882-1887 Calcutta reverse

(“C” in dot below date, can you see a “C”?)

Last Update: 2-July-2004

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