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Jan 19 2018 16:59 EST

1942 Great Britain Threepence Silver Coin

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The three pence coin — expressed in writing as “3d” — first appeared in England during the fine silver coinage of King Edward VI (1547–1553), when it formed part of a set of new denominations. Although it was an easy denomination to work with in the context of the old sterling coinage system, being a quarter of a shilling, initially it was not popular with the public who preferred the groat (four pence). Hence the coin was not minted in the following two reigns.

Type:George VI British Silver Threepence
Origin:Great BritainCat. Num.:KM# 848
Era / Ruler:George VIFace Value:3 pence
Issued from:1937Issued until:1945
Alignment:MedalDesgr. / Engr.:H. Paget, K. Gray
Obverse:George VI head left
Reverse:St. George shield on Tudor rose divides date

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