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Sep 19 2018 16:14 EST

ZANZIBAR (Tanzania), Copper Pysa 1886 (AH-1304) "Sultan Barghash"

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ZANZIBAR (Tanzania), Copper Pysa 1886 (AH-1304) “Sultan Barghash bin Said”

KM#7, Denomination: 1 Pysa,  Date: 1886 (AH-1304), Composition: Copper, Weight: 5.9 Gram, Diameter: 26.05 MM

Barghash bin Said Al-BusaidGCMGGCTE (1837 – March 26, 1888) (Arabic: برغش بن سعيد البوسعيد‎), son of Said bin Sultan, was the second Sultan of Zanzibar. Barghash ruled Zanzibar from October 7, 1870 to March 26, 1888. Barghash is credited with building much of the infrastructure of Stone Town, including piped water, public baths, a police force, roads, parks, hospitals and large administrative buildings such as the (Bait el-Ajaib) House of Wonders. He was perhaps the last Sultan to maintain a measure of true independence from European control. He did consult with European “advisors” who had immense influence, but he was still the central figure they wrestled to control. He crossed wits with diplomats from Britain, America, Germany, France and Portugal and was often able to play one country off another in a skillful endgame of pre-colonial chess. It was his son, Khaled, who while vying for the succession, was the loser in the Shortest War. In 1859 a dispute broke out between the brothers Majid, the first Sultan of Zanzibar, and Barghash. Their sister Sayyida Salme (later Emily Ruete) acted (at the age of fifteen) as secretary of Barghash’s party. However, with the help of an English gunboat the insurrection of Barghash was soon brought to an end, and Barghash was sent into exile in Bombay for two years.After the death of Majid, Barghash became Sultan.$_12 (48) $_12 (47) $_12 (46)

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