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Series of 1914 $5 Federal Reserve Note (Blue Seal)

January 12, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Large Size Notes,Paper Money: US,Silver Certificates

1914 LARGE Note $5 Certificate Federal Reserve

Get one of the most iconic and affordable Federal Reserve Notes available!

Each of these notes is from the series of 1914 and is a $5 US Federal Reserve Note. These circulated examples provide an affordable way to own a piece of history. Notes will grade Very Good or better.

1914 LARGE Note $5 Certificate Federal Reserve notes are circulated and may have numerous folds, stains, discoloration and minor paper tears or frays.
This is the single most common large size five dollar bill available today. These are usually only worth around $50. Bills in perfect condition might be closer to $200. That is not a great return for something that is 100 years old. These aren’t very valuable simply because a lot were printed and thousands are still around today. Some people call these 1913 $5 bills. However, the series date is actually 1914. Abraham Lincoln is featured on the center of each bill. Sometimes the serial number or issuing district can add a premium.